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We’re an independent podcast agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Our original podcasts include projects for influencers, startups and brands, and take the form of documentaries, investigative series, self-help shows, and more. 

Swivol your content now

Building a brand for your business or yourself is full on, and the need for content seems never-ending. Socials, blog posts, website, lead generation, newsletters – it all demands time, and where does all the content come from?

A branded podcast can be a fantastic way to generate this content while building your profile and reach at the same time. The best part is, you can get most of this content by talking about the stuff you know best!

We offer a range of consulting, development, and production services, including our Podcast Starter Discovery Session, which can help validate your ideas, develop your show concept, and give you the know-how to navigate podcasting for the business world.


Build Your Brand with
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Swivol is all about maximising return on content.

We’ll show you how a podcast can become the engine for content for your brand by explaining how you can “swivol” your podcast episodes into a treasure chest of meaningful, evergreen content for the web and socials that tells your story and builds your brand.

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Marketer Investment

85% of marketers planned to invest in podcast ads and/or development in 2022.*


Greater Brand Awareness

Companies with branded podcasts see 89% greater brand awareness.*


Ad Follow-up

76% of podcast listeners say they’ve followed up an ad in a podcast they’ve listened to.

Team Swivol

We’re producers, writers, editors, journalists, designers, teachers, and more. We’re united in believing in the power of storytelling, and in wanting to empower businesses, consultants, and individuals to tell their stories in an authentic way.

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